Kolar Filtration GFO – 1 Pound Bag of Phosphate Removal Media for Salt Water Reef Aquariums and Coral Health

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HIGH QUALITY: High quality ultra-pure virgin GFO with reduced fines. Removes phosphate in water

Item Description:

Also available in 6, 12 and 25 pound sizes on our other listings. In Aquariums, the phosphate level in the water plays an important role. Excessive phosphate causes increased algae growth in freshwater aquariums and serious harm to fish and corals in saltwater aquariums. GFO Bayoxide® E33 has been developed specially to remove phosphates from aquarium water, and on account of its large specific surface achieves rapid and long-lasting phosphate bonding. Compared to conventional adsorption media, the high iron content of the product also significantly increases absorption capacity, which in turn extends filter life.

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