4 Air Stone Bars – Produces Bubbles, Aeration, Oxygen & Water Movement – Easy to Connect Bubble Bars – 100% Safe Non Toxic Mineral for Pets – for Optimal Health of Guppies, Shrimp & Mollies

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✔ ADDS VITAL OXYGEN TO YOUR TANK — All living things (humans, animals, plants) need oxygen to live. There are a few ways to add essential oxygen to an aquarium without disrupting the current environment. The SunGrow Air Stone Bars gradually diffuse air into your tank, providing vital oxygen for your fish and plants to breathe.

Item Description:

Do I need an airstone in my aquarium? Whether or not you actually need an air stone bar in your aquarium is based upon the specific fish and plants that are in the tank. Also known as an aquarium bubbler, an airstone is a fish tank accessory that diffuses the air in your tank by creating bubbles. Adding oxygen to your tank affects your CO2 and pH levels; it is crucial to find a happy medium that makes all of your underwater friends happy. Air stone bars definitely have health benefits to your fish and plant; however it is up to the aquarium owner to understand the complex dynamic of their specific underwater world. How do I install the air stone bar? Before connecting your new air stone to your air pump, soak the mineral bar in water for 15 to 30 minutes. After soaking, attach the single head end to the airline tubing and connect the other side of the tubing to your air pump. This creates a curtain of bubbles to aerate your aquarium water. If the flow begins to reduce, it may be time for a cleaning or replacement. Can I use the SunGrow Airstones in any tank? As long as the air pump in your tank is 2 watts or above, then these airstones can be used in your aquarium. The minerals and air bubbles produced are safe for all types of aquatic pets and plants. Aeration is dependent upon the air pump. If you connect a large air stone to a small wattage pump, the bubbles only produce at the front of the stone. It is very important to match the size of your airstone to the size of your air pump. The longer the air stone bar, the larger wattage is needed to properly pump oxygen. Product Specifications: – Material: Mineral and Plastic – Length: 4″ (10 cm) – Width: – Colors: Blue and Green – Quantity: 4 pieces

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