50 Mini Catappa Leaves – Best way to create Tropical rainforest environment for Betta & Gouramis – Beneficial Leaf tannin turns water black, lowers pH naturally – Boosts health and breeding chances

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✔ ORGANIC, MINI CATAPPA LEAVES — SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves are hand picked just before they fall. Each leaf is handpicked just hours before shipment to ensure they are of premium grade and free from bugs and fungus when it gets to you.

Item Description:

Every hobbyist knows how tough it is to keep their fishes comfortable, healthy and calm… especially with smaller fish species. SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves is the perfect solution. Each leaf measures around 2″ and is great for smaller tanks. They make it easier to control the amount of tannin you wish to introduce to your water. For a 10 gallon tank, introduce around 3 leaves daily till the water reaches the color or pH you desire. When you do water change, just add 5 leaves and the water won’t turn mellow and the pH will remain stable. The water in our country is highly acidic ranging from 4.3 – 5.3 and these tropical or freshwater fishes want slightly acidic to slightly neutral pH range (6.0 – 8.0). The high acidic level can cause death whereas the high alkaline levels curl their fins. Even frequent fluctuations in pH levels cause lethargy and stress which ultimately results in death. It is tannin that stabilizes the pH level of your aquarium tank. It strengths fish scales and keep fishes fungal-free. If you have breeding fishes, Mini Catappa leaves also serve to provide fishes with a safe place to anchor their eggs. Breeders claim it increases the male to female ratio of the fry. These fishes create bubble nest and use this floating leaf to create them. Since you are using real leaves, you don’t have to worry about chemicals, preservatives or artificial colouring that may be present in bottled forms of tannins-assimilators. If you want to beautify your tank and keep it healthy at the same time with Catappa leaves, it is advisable that you place low-light plants such as anubias, java fern, and Amazon sword. Install a driftwood so that the fishes get privacy of their own.Every packet is shipped to you all the way from the exotic parts of Southeast Asia the moment your order is in. It is safe and ready-to-use the moment you receive it in the mail. Just place a few leaves in your tank and only remove when they disintegrate.

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