Penn Plax Fish Breeding Grass – Baby Hideout, Safe Hiding for Fry – Decorative Aquarium Grass

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Item ASIN: B0002565KM
Top Feature :
Fish breeding grass is a necessary addition to your home aquarium when fish are breeding so babies can have a safe haven to hide out in.  Effective for both live bearers as well as egg layers.

Item Description:

The Penn Plax Fish Breeding Grass is the ideal solution to add to your home aquarium when fish are breeding.  The grass measures 8 x 5 x 1 ½ inches and creates the perfect spot for hiding for fry to help with their survival.  The size of this decorative grass also ensures that it will nicely in almost any aquarium.  The breeding grass can float at the water level or if you prefer it can be secured to the bottom of the tank by using gravel to weigh it down.  Either way it will look natural within your fish tank.  The breeding grass is also very simple to clean and wash. You will love the way these foreground plants blend with the rest of your aquarium décor, all while providing the necessary safety for newly born fish.

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