CousDUoBe 2 Pack Betta Fish Leaf Pad Improves Betta’s Health by Simulating The Natural Habitat – Natural, Organic, Comfortable Rest Area for Fish Aquarium

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Item ASIN: B07HQ61P7Q
Top Feature :
【Double leaf design】: the bigger leaf approx. 2.36”x1.77”, the smaller leaf approx. 1.97”x1.50”,ideal for betta fish playing

Item Description:

The double-leaf design, one big and one small, perfectly simulates the environment of bettas in their natural habitat How to set up this betta hammock: 1. Find a place where your betta like most in the tank 2. Take out some water from the surface, wipe the sucker and tank wall clean and dry 3. Stick the suction cup to the side walls in your tank 4. Pouring some water inside up the leaf, the leaf is submerged in the water about two inches below the water line Note: 1. If you directly stick the suction cup through the water(not in the dry side wall), the suction cup will fall down easily 2. Set up the leaf a distance away from any filter currents if you have a filter in the tank Package Included: 2 Pack betta leaves(Each bag has one big and one small leaf)

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