ZINFOD 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworms – High-Protein Mealworm Treats


Mealworm Treats

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100% natural mealworms Favorite food for birds, poultry, reptiles, fish.

HEALTHY & FRESH – Our dried mealworms come in a Resealable bag and contain all-natural high quality protein (53%), fat (28%), fiber (6%), and moisture (5%)  providing not only an incredibly tasty treat but also a nutritious balance you can trust.

Item Description:

Instantly become the most popular human around, with Backyard Pals Mealworms! Whether you have a flock of many, a cozy urban farm, love bird watching, or are an amazing pet owner – our dried mealworms are perfect for you!

5Lbs dried mealworms. Highest Quality, 100% Natural non-GMO Dried Mealworms. No Preservative, no Additives. All my dried mealworms come from the best stage of live mealworms, which is rapidly dried by microwave. Maximum preservation of nutrients and freshness.

High protein crude fiber. It is an important nutrient for animals. Eating our dried mealworms can boost the animal’s immunity. Our dried mealworms are crispy and delicious .They are an irresistible food for Chicken, Duck, Wild bird , fish, hedgehogs, turtles and other reptiles. The chicken ate our mealworm, and the quantity and quality of eggs were improved. Wild birds can survive the winter.

Easy to preserve, no refrigeration required. The water content of our mealworms is already very low and quite crisp. It can be stored safely at room temperature for a long time. Easier to handle and store than live mealworms.

Resealable Zip Top Bag. Outfitted with high quality cartons .Use with seal, safe and convenient.

Perfect after-sales service. As long as you are not satisfied with our products, you can return them and get a refund at any time.

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