iPower 8″x12″ Under Tank Heat pad and Digital Thermostat Combo Set for Reptiles

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Item ASIN: B079M2F179
Top Feature :
[Uniform Heating] – 100% – Heating technology efficiently transforms heat uniformly across the mat to reach desired temperatures within a short time.

Item Description:

Reptile Heat Mat- The iPower under tank heat pad and digital thermostat combo set for reptiles provides a strong grip to the contact area for optimum heat transfer.  The heat mat stays exactly where you want it.  Can be used on standard glass terrarium for reptiles, amphibian, small animals, or plant terrarium.  Reach desired temperatures in a shorter amount of time while consuming less power than competing products.

Helps reptiles regulate body temperature needed for overall health.- Ideal heat source for desert and tropical reptiles.

Digital thermostat provides temperature control between 40°F – 108°F (5-42°C), choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit readout. Easy plug-In operation with LED indicator lights & three-prong grounded plug.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. UL Listed for safety. Package Includes: 1 – Heat Mat (8″x 12″ Watt: 16W) / 1 – Digital Thermostat (120 Volts / 8.3 Amps Max /60 HZ)

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