Novelty Wares Dog & Cat Grooming Brush, Self-Cleaning Slicker Brushes, Best Deshedding Tools for Grooming Pets with Long Thick Hair

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Effective Brush for Grooming Supplies: This shedding tool for grooming cats and dogs perfectly remove the loose fur on your pet’s skin. It is highly effective for pets with long thick hair. Unlike other products, our product can perfectly straighten pet’s curly hair.

Item Description:

All-In-One Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Cat Brush – for Long, Medium, Short, Thick, Wiry, or Curly Hair. Novelty Wares Pet Grooming Brush for dog and cat is made of high quality and flexible wire material bristles. It is an effective product for untangling mats and knots which perfectly remove dead hair. Our product can also be used for smoothening the fur after grooming with a pin brush. The self-cleaning mechanism feature makes it possible to remove all the hairs hiding in the pin. Our best shedding tools for grooming cats and dogs with improved high-quality material wire bristles and the improved ergonomic handle is built to last forever. Aside from dogs and cats, our product can be used for other pets regardless of their sizes. Unlike other products, our product is designed to keep your pet healthy and fit at all time. Massaging your pets with our product balances the blood flow which makes them looks healthy at all time. If you truly love your pet, the best thing you can gift them is our self-cleaning slicker brush. Get yours today and keep your pets happy and alive! At Novelty Wares, Our products are protected by copyright and trademark laws under the U.S. and international law USPTO SN 87407063. All rights reserved.

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