KHLZ US Reptile Hammock Lizard Lounger, 100% Natural Seagrass Fibers for Anoles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Iguanas, and Hermit Crabs (Rectangle)

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Item ASIN: B07GV98P6V
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Made of 100% natural seagrass. All by hand woven, seagrass fiber material, soft but very sturdy and durable. Comfortable and climbable lounger that all pet reptiles will enjoy.

Item Description:

Features- Size: 7″x 30″.- Color: As shown.- Material: Natural fiber.- High quality, strong texture and durable.- Easy to clean and assemble.- Offers a secure and comfortable spot for your pet to sleep and rest.- Comfortable and climbable lounger that all pet reptiles will enjoy.Reptology Reptile Science Presents: The Lizard LoungerIdeal for Anoles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Iguanas, Hermit Crabs, and many moreIdeal for all climbersNatural Look and TextureUse with glass, plastic, or acrylic habitatsWhether you set up one Lizard Lounger or a few, your pet will love his or her new vantage point. The Lizard Lounger will allow your pet to self-regulate their temperatureWhen you install your Lizard Lounger on in incline, your lizard will position himself either closer or further away from the basking light. They’ll know how high to climb.

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