REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium,Double Hinge Door with Screen Ventilation Reptile Terrarium 36″ x 18″ x 18″(Knock-Down)

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Item ASIN: B07CV797LC
Top Feature :
Tough screen top provides ventilation and allows uvb and infrared penetration

Item Description:

About us: REPTIZOO is a company focus on production of reptile supplies,already have more than ten years experience in producing reptile pet products.Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products and excellent service. Product Features REPTIZOO reptile glass terrarium help provide your reptile or amphibian with a durable and comfortable environment to live in. The front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding. A specially designed lock will prevent escape and the doors can be opened separately. The full screen top ventilation allows UVB and infrared penetration, and is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning. In the right are some closable wire or tube inlets to install heat wave rocks, waterfalls, sensors, etc. inside the terrarium. Package includes: 1x REPTIZOO reptile glass terrarium,reptile and other decorations not included

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