Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

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Top Feature :
Includes all necessary care products to get started

Item Description:

The new Exo Terra Species Specific Starters Kits are available in three options: Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko and Snake. The kits were developed using current market data and care requirements, and feature packaging specifically designed for each species. Each kit includes all necessary care products to get started!   The Leopard Gecko Starter Kit includes: 10 gal terrarium with sliding screen top (aluminum screen with lock pin) 10 gal Sand Mat  (naturalistic & safe bedding alternative) Terrarium Substrate Heater (distributes heat through under tank mounting Analog Thermometer (monitors wide temperature range) Day & Night LED fixture (energy saving day/night lighting device) Water Bowl (non-porous, easy to clean bowl) Hide Cave (provides secure hiding area) Calcium w/D3 & Multivitamin (necessary supplements for healthy reptiles) Care Guide (includes care tips for proper husbandry)

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