Dog Bath Distraction – Bath to the Bone Dog Treat Pad | Bone Shaped Dog Lick Pad

Dog Bath Distraction

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STRONG, DURABLE AND SAFE: The Bath to the Bone Dog Treat Pad will change the way you give your loved canine a bath!

Bath to the Bone allows plenty of time for bathing that is stress-free for you and your dog. Additionally, Bath to the Bone serves as a great distraction toy for nail trimming, brushing and more! The textured licking surface is also great for soothing nerves of an anxious and stressed dog. Made with food grade silicone so you can use with confidence for your dog’s safety!

Item Description:

Are you tired and frustrated of the mess it creates when bathing your pet or the struggle you have when grooming, do you have problems settling your pet when travelling, then this product is what you have been looking for. Easy and fun to use!

BATHING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. The Bath to the Bone Treat Pad serves as a great and easy way to keep your loved pup distracted while giving them a bath or during grooming. Simply spread peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treat for them to enjoy and stick to a tub, counter, glass, or smooth surfaced tile. Keeping your canine distracted during bath or grooming time will make your life easier while caring for your dog.

RELIABLE AND MESS FREE. Made with strong food-grade silicone and 7 strong suction cups, Bath to the Bone is your premium choice for a reliable bath distraction pad. The licking surface is designed with a raised edge to help reduce the amount of excess food that is spread from your dogs licking; keeping your bath, shower or counter cleaner.

DISHWASHER SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN. Washing away the peanut butter or other dog treats from the surface is as easy as placing in your dishwasher. No dishwasher? Simply wash with hot soapy water to remove left over food from the silicone surface.

SAFE FOR YOUR CANINE. Be confident in your pet’s safety. Bath to the Bone Dog Treat Pad is made with food grade silicone and is safe for dog. Our pet-friendly bath distraction device is free of BPA and any other materials that would pose harm to your pet. Use with confidence for your dog!

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. Bath to the Bone strives to be a top choice in bathing and grooming aides for your beloved pet! We are dedicated to offering you and your dog an easier and fun time during bath time. In case our bath distraction toy doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer a complete money back guarantee! Be confident with your purchase!

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