Bulk Mealworms Dried FDA Approved Chicken Treats for Birds and Reptiles, Giant Worms Are Perfect High Protein Food For Every Season

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HEALTHY & FRESH – Our dried mealworms come in a Resealable bag and contain all-natural high quality protein (54.7%), fat (26.9%), and fiber (9.5%) providing not only an incredibly tasty treat but also a nutritious balance you can trust.

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Instantly become the most popular human around, with Backyard Pals Mealworms!. Whether you have a flock of many, a cozy urban farm, love bird watching, or are an amazing pet owner – our dried mealworms are perfect for you!. Not only is satisfaction expected but it’s guaranteed! And here’s why: EXTREMELY NUTRITIOUS – The naturally high protein, fat, and fiber content makes our dried mealworms the healthiest around, adding an extra boost for the long winter months. BUY IN BULK – Our great resealable bulk bags of chicken feed give you the opportunity to stock up and save time. Allowing you to focus your time and energy on your feathered friends. GREAT VALUE – Not only do you get more for your money with the superb size, but a BONUS scoop brings added ease and joy. HIGHEST QUALITY- Rest assured knowing that our mealworms bring the flavor and nutrition required to meet FDA & USDA standards. Buy now and receive our Money Back Guarantee! We are so certain that our mealworms will become the favorite treat of your feathered (or scaled) friends that we’ll replace or refund the entire purchase if not fully satisfied. Useful Tips: Extra protein can help strengthen the recovery and feather growth during your chicken’s molt. Rehydrating your dried mealworms by soaking them in hot water can help chicks receive an added water supply as well as help older birds make the transition from live mealworms to dried. Dried mealworms can be served alone or added to bird suet. Enjoy their versatility!

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