ASOCEA Cat Grooming Bag Cat Restraint Mesh Bag Restraint Biting & Scratching Resisted for Bathing Medication Nail Trimming Ear Cleaning Yellow

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Dimension: 20x 11.8inch(LXW)Neck perimeter: 12.5inch; Please ensure you check your cat’s size before purchasing this item.

Item Description:

Tired of scratching when clean the cat’s nail? Most cats struggle, even scratch when taking medication, having ear or eye ointment administered, having their teeth brushed, or having their nails trimmed. Which makes your day terrible. This is an essential bag for all the cat lovers. It is a great solution to your problem. Use guide Put it on the cat’s body Tighten the elastic rope (not too tight) Then do any business you want to If the cat Struggle too much please trying to placate them After work, give them some treats for comfort Warm Tips: 1.Please make sure the size is proper for your pet . 2.If your cat keep struggling, please check whether the wear way is correct, and trying to appease them. 3.Be patient enough first time, Don’t let them be afraid at the beginning. 4.After all the business, give them some treats for the comfort and encouragement. Package Contents: 1*Cat Grooming Bag

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