My Lovely Feline: The Original Magic Feline Brush [Premium Anti-Bacterial Grade Silicone Brush for Long Haired & Short Haired Cats] Seafoam Blue

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Top Feature :
– ULTRA SOFT AND GUMMY ANTI-BACTERIAL GRADE SILICONE PINS THAT DON’T SCRATCH THE SKIN PROVIDING AN IRRESISTIBLE MASSAGE WHILE BRUSHING YOUR CAT: The Magic Feline Brush is much more than a cat brush. The ultra soft and gummy silicone pins are made from a premium material that is safe, durable and comfortable for your lovely cat. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t scratch the skin. From now on, your cat will see brushing as a luxurious treat and not as a pain.

Item Description:

The Magic Feline Brush is a special cat brush designed to meet the grooming needs of your beloved cat/s. We spent months doing research and developing this product to make sure it is the best cat brush possible. We are cat lovers and we understand completely that helping our cats with grooming is an essential part for them to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat. Our Magic Feline Brush also helps a lot with shedding, it doesn’t just brush the hair away like most regular cat brushes do. Our anti-bacterial grade silicone pins are specially designed to retain up to 95% of the cat shedding hair avoiding a huge mess and cat hair flying all over the place. Cats also love the massage effect that this cat brush provides, this helps them promoting a better blood circulation which is crucial for your cat to live a long and enjoyable life. We believe so much in our cat shedding brush, if for whatever reason it doesn’t convince you, you can always return it and we’ll send you a full refund. Guaranteed!

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