The Company of Animals – HALTI Training Lead – Multi-Functional Obedience Training – Strong and Durable Nylon Dog Leash – Padded Handle – Large – Black

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CONTROL AND GUIDE- Designed for general walking or obedience training, the HALTI Training lead is a multi-functional, double-ended lead

Item Description:

The multi-functional HALTI Training Lead was designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to provide optimum control, and to simplify training with headcollars or harnesses. This lead enables you to control, guide and tether a dog in everyday situations. It is made from soft padded material, which makes it very comfortable to hold and with 8 uses it is a versatile lead for all your training needs. 1. Short length for heel training or normal walking 2. Medium length for obedience training 3. Long length for recall or distance work 4. Hands-free dog training 5. Two dogs on one lead – making use of the double ended trigger hook 6. Easy, supervised tethering 7. Double steering for optimum HALTI control 8. Recommended for use with the HALTI Headcollar/Harness Available in two colors red and black and two width variations; small 15mm and large 25mm.

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