Pm0606, Micro Oxygen Smallest Bubble Diffuser, Non-Floating Air Stone with an air Control Valve, Smooth Silent Nano Bubbles Good for Shrimps, Guppy, Tetra, Betta in Fish Tank (Stick) 6″ inch

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Micro air bubble diffuser stick stone, it’s not floated on the water.

Item Description:

Installing tip : The product should be soaked in water for over 30 mins, before installation to absorb enough water.Micro air bubble diffuser stone stick. After setting, get amount of air to get proper bubble size. As a fish breeder , I’ve been looking for a good bubble diffuser to make micro bubble , Finally I’ve found this one. So I strongly recommend this one. This product is not floating while air is diffusing. Customer 1 star Feedback ” This is a waste of money. You need a magnifying glass to see the bubbles.” Answer : Good day, Customer. Reason. At first, Thank you for your feedback. I found this morning that you left on my front store. “You need a magnifying glass to see the bubbles.” Please refer of the product title name “Neo Micro Bubble Diffuser Air stone , Oxygen Bubble Diffuser” Micro bubble means it makes so tiny micro bubbles. Usually, Big bubbles makes fishes, shrimps get stress a lot and Big bubbles make big wave it gives a lot stress to fishes. In addition, Big bubbles can not get absorbed enough oxygen to water. On the other hands, tiny micro bubbles can get absorbed enough oxygen into water , at same time micro bubbles are not making big water wave. No stress to fishes. Specially Betta and shrimps. If there is big bubbles in Betta tank. Betta’s fins will be teared out. – tip: All kinds of bubble stone are able to get micro tiny moss on the surface , as times go by. Mosses will cover tiny micro hole for air bubble , it makes big bubbles. I recommend regularly, clean up the stone. In addition, if you have too strong air pump and it makes big bubbles. You can control air amount with included air control valve. An air control valve included. Usually the valve doesn’t need. 1. sink it into vinegar for around 15 mins. 2. brush it enough 3. Put it into warm water to remove all vinegar and rinse it. 4. Do clean it once in a month at least. Just refer of that my experience.

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