Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit, Filter, LED Light, Float Glass For Maximum Viewing 3.4 Gallon

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Item ASIN: B0069RR2CC
Top Feature :
LED light is very attractive to the eye

Item Description:

The Penn Plax Radius 3.4 Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a 3.4 gallon tank, internal cascade filter, LED light and a hinge-style plastic lid to make setup as easy as possible. Contemporary glass tank features a unique bent design with frameless construction and is made with the highest clarity glass. For even more strength and durability, this aquarium utilizes a 3 piece construction with seamless rounded front corners. The high quality internal cascade filter enclosed in the aquarium kit keeps your fish tank clean and healthy with biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The LED light can be positioned anywhere on the back of fish aquarium and offers a crisp white light to illuminate your tank. This 3.4 gallon aquarium measures 11 inches high by 7 3/8 inches wide and 10 1/4 inches long and is suitable for a wide variety of fish. Aquarium decorations and fish are not included in kit and sold separately. Shop the Penn Plax aquarium ornament and plant collection for a complete look.

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