Aquarium Decorations, Air Stone Bubbler Volcano Shape Ornament Kit Set with Red LED Spotlight for Decorate Aquarium Fish Tank

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Top Feature :
This Kit create a unique effect of an erupting volcano. When combined, the ornament hides virtually all equipment and red colored flashing bubbles flow from the top of the ornament.

Item Description:

Want to create a unique effect of an erupting volcano for your aquarium? The kit includes a resin volcano ornament, an air stone, a power adapter and a Red LED spotlight. Which can add a beautiful extra effect of overflowing lava and increases oxygen and creates bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump. Specifications: Volcano Size: 5.9 x 3.7x 1.3 inch Volcano Weight: 0.99 lb. Air Stone Weight: 0.02 lb. Length of Power Cord: 4.4 ft. Power: 1W Voltage: 110-120V Here are some information about our Aquarium Volcano Ornament Kit: 1. How does the led spotlight works?What does it connect to? The light is hooked to a suction cup that you stick to the bottom of your tank and then you just plug it in to the wall and there you go. 2. Is there any instructions with it? Yes, it will comes with the manual. 3. Will this work in a ten-gallon tank? This Volcano decorations for fish tank measures six inches at the widest point of the volcano base and 4 inches high,just make sure you have a tank tall enough for it. 4. How does it get the red bubbles? It comes with a small red light that goes underneath and points up. The light hits the bubbles. Makes the bubbles look red. 5. How can you do if you receive a broken led light or the bubbles don’t come out? – If you want to get a new led light, send E-mail to us with the photo (attention: to Seller not the Amazon customer service.) – If it can’t work,feel free to contact with us to get a new replacement please. 6. Can this go in a salt water tank? Yes. 7. Does it clean the water? It doesn’t replace a filter but does add fresh oxygen to the water so healthy for the fish. 8. Is it heavy enough to stay down if there is less rocks in aquarium? Yes, it is heavy enough to stay down.

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