ANJOSHI Dog Bells for House Potty Training Your Puppy, Loud Sound Even A Puppy Can Hear, Adjustable Loop and Length Fits Every Size Dog and All Door Handles

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Top Feature :
◇For all dogs: Hang at just the right height to fit your dog, whether a tiny puppy or large breed

Item Description:

This bell will give your puppy a better training and make your life more elegant and convenient features of this product: 1.Made of durable nylon material for the rope, and strong metals that make the ringing sound not only loud, but unique as well. 2. Bonus training guide will teach you properly how to housebreak your dog the right way the first time, making your life much easier and eliminating the need to clean up your dogs repeated messes 3.Reinforced rivet: This rivet snaps around your doorknob to give your bells extra security when closing around your doorknob so that your dog cannot pull it off the door easily–and it works on any type of doorknob, handle or hook that you want to affix it to.

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